If the stars aligned and you just happened to have stumbled upon this premature blog, welcome.

If you’ve held on for dear life joined me through the beauty, chaos, and growth that has been my previous blogging endeavors (The Post-it Effect and Can’t Carry On), then I can imagine just what you’re thinking…

Again? Another blog?

Third time’s a charm, right? Can’t Carry On is lovely in its own right, however, I’m realizing that WordPress offers quite a bit more potential than Blogger when it comes to site maintenance and design.

DSC_0253As you may have guessed, however, I am still trying to decide and map out how I can bring all the experience and spirit of CCO to this new blogosphere.

How do I remember Rwanda and my fiery passion for social justice? More importantly, how do I do it right?

That brings me to my driving motivation behind Compose to Expose.

Through my studies in journalism, I’m increasingly aware of the power media has to reproduce certain attitudes and beliefs in viewers.

Through my studies in international relations, I am also increasingly aware of the power this has on how we, especially as First World Americans, perceive global politics and foreign social climates.

I’m afraid that our culture has adopted a subconscious attitude about social justice that allows many to acknowledge it only when convenient.

This fear, whether reality or not, has motivated me to seek out answers skimmed over by mainstream news. It has motivated me to travel and experience different cultures to test the mediated images that we are fed. And it has motivated me to expose injustice when it has been neatly swept under the rug.

At the end of the day, though, media is produced and shared by human beings. Humans that can harbor attitudes of truth and integrity and humans that can harbor deep self-interest and ignorance.

So, perhaps, even more urgent than exposing injustice and corruption is DSC_0908exposing the subconscious attitudes in each of us that allow these systems to thrive.

I invite you to join me in the hashing out of ethics, truth, and what it means to be human. I can’t promise it will be clean, pretty, or always black & white…

But it’s important.

“Certainly we in the developed world act in a way that suggests we believe that our lives are worth more than the lives of other citizens of the planet… The only conclusion that I can reach is that we are in desperate need of a transfusion of humanity. We have lived through centuries of enlightenment, reason, revolution, industrialization, and globalization. No matter how idealistic the aim sounds, this new century must become the Century of Humanity, when we as human beings rise above race, creed, color, religion, and national self-interest and put the good of humanity above the good of our own tribe.” – Romeo Dallaire

– md

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