Crossing Lines

“We seek in one another the assurance that there is just one correct interpretation of the world, that everything is so simple that anybody can see it unless they’re malicious or stupid or willfully ignorant; and we punish one another for proving with our differing conclusions that the truth is not that easy […] But there are pro-life Democrats, pro-choice Christians, feminists who love their families, and conservatives who care about poor people.”
– Alisa Harris

Social justice and politics interact within a love-hate relationship.

Social justice is often disregarded because it doesn’t align with party beliefs–or, more commonly, aligns more closely with another party.

However, social justice often needs political cooperation in order to materialize successfully.

This has made me somewhat jaded about politics. I find it incredibly frustrating when people ignore injustices to stay loyal to the right, left, or whatever wing have you.

However, this predicament also probably makes me look more liberal and party-affiliated than I actually am.

It was brought to my attention after watching a NYT audio slide show in which several military personnel recount the terror of an ambush and the loss of a soldier.

It’s not something I would normally watch. It’s not something that I, frankly, even give enough thought about.

However, it unveiled a side of the military that I could relate to and am actually fighting for others to acknowledge every day…


Those soldiers didn’t sound or look like the politics on my television screen. They sounded like fathers, brothers, friends. DSC_0409

To some, this realization may evoke a bitter response.

But it shouldn’t. Really, it should serve as a reminder than no one is completely separated from another by political boundaries. Those boundaries that we make for ourselves… They can be crossed.

In fact, they must be.


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