Supporting Mothers Beyond Birth: Alphonsine’s Story

I visited Rwanda in 2013 to partner with teachers and students at the SOS Children’s Village primary and tech schools in Kigali. I’m again staying at SOS, and it has been priceless to see my colleagues and friends again.

Professionally, I am continuing to follow-up on Save the Mothers work, though I agreed to complete a few communications projects for Kigali’s SOS Children’s Village over the course of my short, one-week stay.

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Bad Timing, Good Experience

In addition to the handful of bylines you’ll see from me by the end of this internship, I’ve also been chasing interviews for longer-form projects at the request of Save the Mothers directors. These assignments will outlive my time here in Uganda, though, as you can imagine, grabbing an interview in person and on the ground is greatly preferred over trying to wrestle the time difference and technology barriers between the admins in Canada and the sources in Uganda.

And while these assignments are naturally less glamorous than those size 12 font, Times New Roman bylines, I’m finding they provide some of the best experience in international reporting.

In fact, my first interview of this nature was an extreme learning experience–the kind where just about everything goes wrong and by the end you can’t help but laugh and mumble, “Hey, at least I learned something.”

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Work Hard & Play Hard(er)

If you’ve been checking in on my Facebook or Instagram account, you may wonder if I’m possibly getting work done with all of the stellar things I am experiencing outside of the office.

Well, I have my first piece of evidence at the end of this post… But, first, let me show you my newest adventure!

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Chapati in Pictures

Not only have I taken to trying many of Uganda’s most popular foods, but I’ve now been exposed to the making of them! Partially because I just want to update the blog and partially because it’s an easy, tasty food, this post will walk you through the chapati making experience here in Uganda. If you’re really interesting in making these tortilla-like snacks, check out a more serious pictorial, as this just highlights my most aesthetically appealing photography moments.

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