Rwanda 2013

As an undergraduate freshman at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., I had the opportunity to participate in a six-week summer field study in Rwanda.

During this time, our team of seven taught a variety of subjects at the SOS Primary School-Kigali and the SOS Technical High School-Kigali, while also assisting in curriculum development upon request.


Spare time was filled with cross-country visits and included introductions to other primary schools and NGOs.

We gave special attention to visiting 1994 genocide memorials and discussing ways in which this event in Rwandan history continues to interact with the country today.

I credit this trip with sparking my interest in international and investigative reporting. I vicariously regret the failure of Western media in Rwanda, as I like to believe good reporting has the power to help set an agenda for social consciousness and action. This humanitarian obligation was largely absent during the 100 days of genocide.

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