Tulips and Pearls

Good morning!

Well, it’s morning in Uganda. I’m writing quite informally to introduce my next few weeks of work, all of which will be presented in some way, shape or form on this blog.

In quick summary, I received funding from the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication this spring to participate in a six-week communications/reporting project in Uganda. My work, beginning Monday, is in partnership with Save the Mothers, an international NGO committed to improving the health of mothers and babies.

While much of the content I produce over the following weeks will not be about me at all, I will do my best to mix in some personal reflection and–more than likely–humor related to my daily life to accompany the serious issues I will be reporting on.

My first days abroad can be well described by the following: Tulips and pearls. Continue reading “Tulips and Pearls”