‘The Interview’ is Making Noise, but not Saying Much

I can usually gauge a movie’s quality by the rate at which my popcorn bowl empties.

If the stainless steel is still hidden by pillowy, popped kernels when final credits begin, I know it was an exceptional film.

Last week, Sony Pictures’ “The Interview” surpassed $40 million in digital sales, setting a record for biggest online release. And while its controversial plot and crass humor is making a lot of noise in the worlds of politics and film, my popcorn bowl didn’t last long.

It made me laugh, I’ll admit. It’s hard to keep a straight face through any interpretation of Gollum, the Lord of the Rings’ goblin character, including James Franco’s rendition.

However, given the intense international debate following North Korea’s threat on the film’s release, that’s not saying much.

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