Back in the Saddle: Thoughts on Baga attack & solidarity

Europeans and Americans alike are still reeling from the Jan. 7 Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. And, perhaps for good reason.

Millions have gathered around the world to stand in solidarity for Charlie Hebdo and freedom of the press. From unity marches in Paris to #JeSuisCharlie, the world’s response to terror has been anything but terror.

And while I hope the legacy of this moment is not soon forgotten, I wonder if it’s time to lace up and get to walkin’ the talk again.

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Je suis Charlie Hebdo & 2015 Win A Trip submission

I may not be a cartoonist, but I certainly sorrow after today’s attack on journalism in Paris.

As I finalized my video submission for my  2015 Win A Trip with Nick Kristof application this morning, I caught wind of the Charlie Hebdo shooting and couldn’t help but click the “Submit” button with even greater pride than I had been anticipating.

This response is not out of character for me. Adversity has pushed me into success for my entire life. An exceptionally nasty divorce in middle school propelled me into straight-A studies. My family’s resulting low-income status pushed me to help organize holiday packages for those in similar financial situations. And these minor setbacks have led me to empathize with chronic despair and poverty on a global level.

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Media in Rwanda – Reflections 20 years later

I’ve been anxiously anticipating this week since I returned from Rwanda nearly 10 months ago.

Genocide memorial where over 250,000 were buried in Rwanda's capital, Kigali.
Genocide memorial where over 250,000 were buried in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

While I’ll never forget the reflective faces and flowered memorials that marked the 19th anniversary of Rwanda’s genocide, somehow this year’s 20th mark has me even more tangled.

Somehow my mind irrationally accepts that the international community has not changed “only” 19 years after the systematic killing of over 800,000 Rwandans beginning April 7, 1994.
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