Work Hard & Play Hard(er)

If you’ve been checking in on my Facebook or Instagram account, you may wonder if I’m possibly getting work done with all of the stellar things I am experiencing outside of the office.

Well, I have my first piece of evidence at the end of this post… But, first, let me show you my newest adventure!








If the beer didn’t give it away, I took a two-day trip with friends to a quaint, little resort on The Nile River. The days were split between a demanding schedule of sweet tea, good food, cool water, hammocks and hipster decor. It was the perfect treat to mark the (approximate) midway of my time in Uganda.

Even better, upon returning on Friday afternoon, I was super happy to see my first blog post appear on the Save the Mothers website! The post is pretty casual and a basic introduction to my content, but take a minute to read about my first impressions of Uganda, especially the awesome women I have encountered.

Thanks to all who are tuned in to my adventure and those who have reached out! It sometimes takes me a few days to reply, but your words mean more than you know, and I so look forward to sharing with you over my remaining weeks and when I return to the U.S. in July.

– md

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